A wonderfully scripted story….refreshing read!…

Caffeine- A lucid dream

“Andhere ka sach
Aankhon ko chubta raha
Ujaale ka vehem
Aankhon ko accha lagaa
Subah ne waqt bataaya
Aur Raat ne ehsaas dilaaya”

________did you hear it? _______was I audible now?

I am Darkness.

Not the Hannibal Lector psychopath guy from “Silence of The Lamb”.
I am the one with the room full of lights, only swtiched off.
While you shower in a dark bathroom, with eyes closed, and a trance music playing on your phone, I, darkness, am humming alongwith you through the “shrrrrr” of the shower.

We have known each other for years, but you never really noticed me in all that light.

I admit I had a scary way of introducing myself in your childhood, but I just wanted to get close to you. The light as usual stole my thunder and lightening its flickering and constant need to be noticed.

I never demanded…

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