13 Reasons. 13 People. Enough for Hannah Baker, a 17-year-old, to cut the race short and end her life. A nerve wracking 13 episode Netflix series that has left me numb.

All it took was the circle of her school life – the reticent Clay Jensen, the gay Courtney, Tyler – the stalker, Ryan – the arrogant poet, weak-hearted Zack, coward Sheri, power-hungry Marcus, first-love Justin, the frenemies Alex and Jessica, the helpless school counselor Mr.Porter and who-can-forget the inhuman Bryce. The gripping story took a turn for the worse when Clay recorded the 14th and the final tape – the one where the perpetrator owns up for his wrongdoing unaware of the consequences he is about to face.

Hannah gave Life multiple chances to prove her wrong, but it proved her time and time again that her absence was worth more than her presence. The walls between Life and Death are unsurmountable and daunting. But it took her just 12 months for cracks to develop and the wall to finally collapse. Just like an eraser rubbing the faint line drawn on paper, the blade ran with similar ease across the vein.

No matter how hard she tried to resolve, fight, confront or run away from the issues, the rut continued. Her words aptly summarized the need for all of us to work on the way we build our relationships.

Some of you cared, but none of you cared enough. And neither did I.

Takeaways –

  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram) has made us a society of stalkers. On most occasions, it provides fodder for discussion. However, one can’t deny the serious repercussions caused when humans turn into devils and rattle the lives of the innocent ones.
  • Irony of college-life – “Popular kids are always mean. That’s how they get popular!”
  • Everybody wants to talk nobody wants to do anything. It reminds me of the age-old adage – “After all is said and done, a lot is said but very little gets done.”
  • It takes a tragedy to remind us of the importance of safety. Unfortunately, in this competitive rapid-fire world, the news gets stale quicker than food. Rape begets rape. Tragedy begets another tragedy. It’s an endless whirlwind after-all.
  • Casualties, Condemnation, Legislation, Casualties – the vicious circle is inescapable. Lives after lives, stories over stories – they keep on piling. Yet, the history gets rewritten again and again.

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